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How to Make Your Garden Bridge Safer

We would like to share a post about foot bridge safety By Joe Guraro. Joe is the #1 bridge designer and builder of recent times, and is our supplier of redwood bridges for Koi Depot San Diego.

How to Make Your Garden Bridge Safer

For example, if you have elders living with you or pays a visit, will they have difficulty getting across without a handrail? Or what about your children running and playing all over your bridge, and even jumping into the gorge beneath it? How will these questions affect you decision with purchasing the new decor?
Most garden bridges that are seen in the market usually do not come with hand rails, making you rather weary about creating a landscape that will justify putting up one in the first place. If the garden bridge you want does not come with some of the safety features required, they are always available to be added with a little know how, and some research wouldn't hurt.
So if you are thinking about purchasing a redwood bridge, consider how wide you need it to be in order for it to be effective for your guests. This will ensure that all of your guests will be able to enjoy this new feature with ease. Also, consider the maximum weight load that your bridge is capable of handling. Depending on the materials that it will be made of, it will be capable of holding different maximum weights. Also, think about any added apparatuses that you may want to install, since this too will add extra weight, which might put your guests at risk if you buy the wrong bridge not capable of handling such weight.
Then, determine what your garden bridge is made out of. Most garden bridges are made out of some sort of lumber material. Many home improvement stores can match the wood your garden bridges are made out of, so if you are looking for a more exotic wood, then the home improvement store should be able to point you to the right direction.
Once you have all the necessary materials, it is now time to measure how high you need your bridge hand rails to be. Most manufacturers consider high-foot rails to be just a decorative addition, so think about who exactly you are keeping on your path. The bigger the children, the higher the handrails should be. If you are looking for handrails fit for elderly and adults to use while they cross over, then rails that are at least 35 inches or higher should be installed. This measurement is the bare minimum to keep your guests walking across comfortably, while being effective at the same time.
Deciding which type of garden bridge is in fact a difficult decision for most people, but knowing how to make it safer can ease your mind in your purchase. By knowing how to make it safe and accessible for all of your family and guests, you will be ensuring your investment for many years to come.
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